hi im alex. these are the things i love: any situation that calls for staying up all night and watching films - music - books - movies - the radio dept. - taking showers at night with the lights out and windows open - dreaming - dreams - morning coffee - ferry rides - train rides - road trips - flatlands - mountains - windstorms - lightningstorms - the feminine shoulder - abandoned buildings - bridges - restricted areas - airports - flying - being in a plane and looking down on cloudworld - photography - lomography - people that are interesting, but not self-interested - old houses - playing wine glasses to the delight/annoyance of all in the room - hugging people - kising people - cool breeze - fresh cut grass - night walks - watching the stars - kids on swingsets - kids in general - not having kids - dogs - cats - all animals (except bees and snakes) - the first day of summer - memories - pizza
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Get yourself together, man. Move to Philly. Buy a loft. Start a noise band. Get six or seven roommates. Eat hummus with them. Book some gigs. Paint. Smoke cloves. Listen to Animal Collective. Start some type of salsa company.
— Hannibal Burress (The Eric Andre Show) (via fmchubs)

john paul jespersen

worlds most poignant vending machine
We wish this wasn’t happening. And that’s part of life. A huge portion of our lives is stuff we don’t want to happen, happening.
— Dan Harmon (via havingchanged)

(Source: andrewsteven, via havingchanged)


i wanted you to feel the same


I want to feel her so much closer. I want our words to turn to textures so we will always know how to touch. Mostly when we are miles apart.




The S Train

New York, NY 10001

If this isn’t the Cadillac of crying spots I don’t know what is!!  There are only two stops total on this train so feel free to REALLY let it out because everyone will always be getting off at the next stop!!!   Perfect for the days when you’re really a complete crying mess.  The public stares are only temporary, the tears will last forever!! Once you get settled crying on here it’s hard to ever get off the train.  In fact, I love to spend my Saturdays riding this train back and forth. A true crying gem!